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Your Door - Your Way

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

For the most part when building a new home or renovating an existing space we typically will not give too much thought to our interior doors. Sure, they are important to some extent, like giving access from one room to the next, reducing sound and giving us privacy.

However, when it comes to style, colour and overall aesthetics, the choices are limited. In part this could be because we do not think of an interior door as something that could play a bigger role in what the space will feel and look like.

At HELT we want to challenge that perception. Your interior door can be as individual as you are. It can add character to the space by either adding to it’s surroundings or drastically standing as its own masterpiece. The choice is truly yours.

Modern Interior Door - Alrik


HELT offers three finishes for your interior door. First, we have the lacquered door which can be finished in whatever colour of the rainbow you choose. Lacquered finished doors can also have specific details engraved inside the wood. Add for example custom milled lines to make a white door stand out. Or how about adding your child's name to their Bedroom Door?

The next finish available is CPL, which is a laminated finish like laminated floors and kitchen worktop surfaces and is therefore ideally suited to areas that undergo a lot of wear.

Pick from beautiful wood finishes like Oak, Maple, or Walnut, with either a vertical or cross look.

If you like to surround yourself with natural materials and high-quality surfaces, then we recommend our real veneer collection. What is a healthy material in the sense that it has many health-promoting properties. People with allergies for example benefit from the fact that wood is not electrostatic ally charged and therefore does not attract allergens such as dust. Wood has it’s own charisma and individuality.

The Insides

Our doors are supreme quality. While North American doors are typically hallow, we use either tubular chipboard or solid chipboard to increase stability to the door slab and reduce travel sound from one room to the next.

For additional prevention of sound waves and air between the door and floor, we recommend the use of our integrated drop seal.


In North America, it is normal practice for doors to blend in with the room by surrounding it with trim that matches the baseboards of the home. At HELT, we do something truly unique that helps our doors stand out. They come with their own trims and frames. Choose an endless option of frames and trims to make your door really beautiful.

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