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Wood Doors – minus the wood

Wood is a remarkable product and an integral part of most construction to date. Everyone loves wood, it is part of our surrounding – nature. But wood is also a living organism that shrinks and expands with the change in temperature which can cause issues especially in operable products like Exterior Doors. So, what is the alternative?

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Wood Décor

When it comes to PVC finishes, wood décors are a great option. For this finish a foil is applied to the existing PVC extrusion that looks like wood but doesn’t require the maintenance. There are several options to choose from with options from lighter to darker and different textures as well. The décor foil is thick enough not to scratch easily and doesn’t fade over time. With a twenty-year warranty it will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

What about Aluminum Doors?

Modern technology is constantly evolving and offers now even wood finishes for aluminum frames. With a unique powder coating process developed by our partners even your aluminum door can look like a wood door. Similar to the PVC doors, there is a great range of colour options. On top of that aluminum doors also allow you to integrate wood panes into the panels of the door. This way you still have the stability and reliability of the strong aluminum, partnered with the warm and natural finish of wood.

What an amazing idea.

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