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Minimal Interior Doors

The modern minimalist look in design today, is pervading every aspect of a home – including interior doors. Although there are many options when it comes to modern doors, the ones that are really catching on are flush and frameless doors.

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Flush Frame Doors

HELT Flush Frame Interior Doors have all the same great features as a regular framed door, the only difference is that the door doesn’t close right onto the frame, but instead between the frame opening. This way the door leaf and the door trim become flush. The door slab itself still has an edge that seals the door off to ensure no sound, light or air travel between each room. A great benefit of a flush door is that you still have a frame and trim that match the door.

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Frameless Doors

The frameless Interior Doors are a newer concept but that is rapidly becoming popular. Although there are several options on the market for these doors, the system HELT uses is second to none. Our aluminum frame is built into the opening and includes heavy duty, fully adjustable hinges. The hardware is more important than the door itself because it has to hold the door which is mostly 8’ tall or higher. Our frame also includes drywall mash to ensure that the work can be finished professionally and clean, leaving no marks around it.

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Although pictures are a great way to get inspired on how to design your space, we recommend visiting our showroom and experiencing these doors for yourself. If you decide to add frameless or flush doors for your home, make sure you select only the best.

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