HELT Lift and Slide Doors are engineered for extra large openings to offer unobstructed views, seamless indoor-outdoor living, and abundant natural light- all without compromising the ease of operation, security and performance.



Lift & Slide Doors  work  seamless,  opening and closing with ease. The roller system allows the door panels to be lifted instead of sliding across the track.

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Since lift and slide doors have optimum sealing, they are one of the most energy saving products you can find on the market when it comes to doors. 


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Since lift and slide doors don’t needs as much room as a traditional door, you have more room to do the things you want. With a regular door, it will swing in or out, taking up precious space.


Lift & Slide Doors are ideal for large openings
A low threshold allows for easy transition from one space to the other
HELT Lift & Slide Doors are available in hundreds of different finishes

Learn more about our Prima Lift & Slide  (uPVC)  by downloading our brochure

Learn more about our Ultra Lift & Slide (aluminum) by downloading our brochure



A sliding door is opened or closed by simply moving it without lifting the leaf. In contrast to a lift-and-slide door, a sliding door is associated with less effort in production and assembly. In addition, the hardware technology used is less complex. Thus, the sliding door is a cheaper alternative to the lift and slide door, which, however, generally has a higher frictional resistance when opening and closing than lift and slide doors. Just like lifting and sliding doors, sliding doors can be built barrier-free and as a floor-level zero barrier. These sliding systems are also ideal when the home owners is looking to hide the doors systems by sliding it into the wall.

The S42 Aluminum Multi Slide System
The S42 can also be used in corners to create a more open concept
Or in smaller settings where a Lift & Slide wouldn't work

Learn more about the S42 Multi Sliding Systems by downloading our brochure below.