• Paul Giesbrecht

Why Tilt & Turn ?

The window industry has seen a lot of changes in the last two years across North America. Customers are asking for more out of their windows and the government is looking to help the environment by increasing the energy efficiency of windows. These changes also brought a new style of windows to the forefront. Tilt-and-Turn windows have been on the North American  market for the past 30 years, mostly used by individuals that knew this style of windows from Germany. However tilt-and-turn windows are now moving more and more into the forefront of the Industry and there are many reasons why. 

What exactly is a Tilt & Turn Window ? Tilt & Turn windows are essentially three windows in one. When the handle of a tilt-and-turn is in the downward position, the window is shut and locked. Rotate the handle 90 degrees so it points sideways, and you can pull the window open horizontally. Rotate the handle another 90 degrees to it’s tilt position so it points up, and then pull it back down toward you. 

What is the benefit in that ?  The inward tilt position allows in breezes, helps deflect rain and locks into place against potential intrusions. Heat escapes through the top and air enters and exits around the edges, facilitating draft-free ventilation.  In the horizontal turn position the window swings inside, giving you access to the outside of the glass for easy cleaning. This position allows you to also use the window as an exit in case of an emergency. 

Are these windows  energy efficiency ? There are several factors that help make tilt-and-turn windows the most energy efficient windows available. For instance the frame of a vinyl tilt and turn window is much wider (7cm) and is divided into several more chambers than any other standard vinyl window. An air-tight weather seal all around the frame keeps the draft out, unlike single hung, double hung or sliding windows, all of which are more prone to leaking air or water.

Even aluminium tilt-and-turn windows can achieve some of the best energy efficiency possible. First there is the vinyl insert that goes into the middle of an aluminium frame and acts as a thermal break, keeping the energy at either side. Add foam into the vinyl insert and no cold will ever get through the window. On top of that HELT aluminium Window frames also have a rubber seal going from top to bottom of the glass opening, making sure the energy doesn’t transfer through the glass either. 

Are Tilt & Turn windows secure ?

Great question and yes they are. Tilt & Turn windows have a unique multi locking mechanism that goes all around the window frame. With up to 13 locking points you can make sure the window is tightly closed and keeps your home safe. Adding more security and stability to vinyl windows each HELT vinyl window frame is steel re-enforced, which also make the window much more stable and onger lasting.

What about colours ? Vinyl windows come in many colours and looks, from simple and clean white to a wood grain that’s hard to tell apart from a real wood window. Aluminium tilt-and-turn windows are powder-coated and are available in all RAL colours. You’re imagination is really the only limit here.​

As you can see tilt-and-turn windows are really the best windows if you’re looking for the best energy-efficiency, security and comfort. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the window frames are clean and simple giving you complete, unobstructed views to the wonderful world around you.

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