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The Garage Interior Door

The Door separating your garage from the rest of the home is a very important door. It must be secure, keep the cold out and still look good. With HELT you have all these features and more in our modern Garage Interior Doors.

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On the outside our Garage Interior Doors look like any other door

On the Inside

The inside of our Garage Interior Doors is a solid chipboard that ensures no cold will get through to the inside of your home. Two aluminum plates on both sides of the board ensure the door does not warp with the temperature differences. The plates also act as a security measure against burglaries and in case of a fire will help keep the flames back.

The Hardware

An elegant self-closer mounted to the door frame that operates in a controlled manner, ensures the door stays closed when not in use. Don’t want to see the self-closer on your beautiful door? Not to worry – our hidden self-closer can be installed between the frame and the door so you won’t even notice it’s there. With a PZ lock you can secure your home for the night.

Hidden Self Closer, Modern Self Closer, Interior Door Hardware, Door Hardware, LEBO Doors
Hidden Self Closer

Drop Seal

Another great feature safely separating your Garage from your home is the drop seal in our doors. When closing the door, a pin is pushed by the frame that releases the seal so it can close off the space between floor and door. Once you open the door, the pin jumps back and the drop seal slides up into the door, so it won’t scratch your floor or move your mat in front of the door. Our drop seal is also fully adjustable for different floors and spaces.

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Drop Seal

On the surface our Garage Interior Doors look like any other door, however the features hidden inside are everything you need to protect your home and feel safe. Contact us for more information or for a quote.

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