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Secure your Side Entrances against Burglaries

According to statistics, in North America a burglary occurs on average every 26 seconds. That is a shocking number. Most of these break-ins happen in areas of the home that are insufficiently secured. Criminals tend to observe homes in advance to recognize their weak spots.

A third of burglaries happen in the safety of the darkness. Rarely will criminals enter the home through the front door, as they are secure. Side Entrance doors, especially to a Garage or Basement are the main target.

Secure side doors with steel reinforced frames or multipoint locking are a good way to discourage an intruder. If it takes more than a few moments to break in, they will move onto the next home. Another way to improve the security of your side door are heavy-duty hinges and safety glass that is hard to crack.

Get in touch with us to find a secure side door for your home.

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