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What makes a front door secure?

What words come to mind when thinking of the perfect front door to your home? Stunning? Unique? Energy Efficient? We are sure at some point security will come to mind also. The entrance door is a very poplar way for burglars to access your home. In this article we will be reviewing ways for you to secure your entrance area.

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It’s said we often don’t know what we have, until it is gone. This can be said about the value of safety and security, especially once an unwanted guest has entered your home. Not only will burglaries cause physical damages and the loss of valuables, but they also cause psychological damages and create unease for you and your loved ones in your own home for years to come. The feeling of safety is of unmeasurable value.

Securing the entrance area


Burglars feel safe and comfortable in darkness. Therefore, a well light exterior around the home will go a long way. Even when leaving for a vacation, make sure to set your lights outside on a timer, so they turn on at sunset.

Clean Entrance Area

Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean the entrance area should be messy. Talk to your neighbors and get them to pick up your mail and newspapers every day. An entrance area cluttered with papers let’s burglars know that the home is empty.

Alarm Systems

Make sure all your alarm systems are set up and are working properly, before leaving. Check the batteries and ensure the views of cameras are unobstructed.

Lock the Door

This sounds so simple, but often the easiest things are the ones we overlook. You are in a hurry, excited to finally lay on the beach and forget all your troubles, but on the way to the airport you keep asking yourself if you actually locked the front door? Double check the door is completely locked before getting into your Uber. With today’s technology you have the option to add a smart lock to your door that can be activated from your smartphone. Consult your door specialist on all the options available.

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Security features in a Front Door

Now that we’ve covered the area in front of your home, let’s look at what options to look for, to ensure your entrance door can withstand any attempts to break in.

Robust Door Leaf

The material of the door itself is not important even if some are stronger than others. What really makes the difference is the quality of the material being used. PVC Doors might seem not to be as strong as aluminum doors, but steel reinforcement inside a PVC Door now brings it to the same level. Ensure the door leaf you choose uses high quality materials and if necessary. Otherwise, a simple kick against the door can cause it to give in.

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Quality Glass

Glazing inside the door is another big component when it comes to burglaries. You don’t want a thief to be able to simply cut through the glass with a small tool or smash it once to get to the door handle from the inside. It’s important that the glass inside your door has several layers of protection. At HELT we only use laminated triple glass for our entrance door and sidelights for your peace of mind.

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When it comes to hardware the first thing to realize is that a single lock won’t do the trick anymore. We’ve all seen it in movies and tv shows how easy it is for the police to kick in your entrance door. Multi point locks are now becoming a standard in the security of front doors. But here too you want to ensure the right hardware is being used. Inform yourself of the type of hardware that is being used and how many locking points are included. There are many options to upgrade to a five-point lock with hocks that latch directly into the frame, that no one will ever be able to kick in. Hinges are another hardware that can help protect the door from attacks. Hidden hinges, for example, are incorporated into the frame of the door making it virtually impossible to get to.

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There are other layers of security that can be added to your entrance door that would be too much to include into this article. When upgrading your front door don’t be afraid to ask the right questions and do your research. The safety of your home and loved ones should always be top priority.

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