• Paul Giesbrecht

Modern sun protection for your home

We all love the sun and soaking up that Vitamin D. But sometimes the rays can get a little too much to handle and we have to make sure to protect ourselves before it becomes harmful.   But what about our home ? How do we make sure we can fully enjoy the benefits of the sun and it’s light while still protecting ourselves ? Let me present to you the HELT sun protection system that let’s you enjoy the light and warmth of the sun without blacking out the space. This system adapts to the size and design of your home while protecting it from the harshest weather conditions.


Sun Protection is more effective on the outside than

on the inside. The sun rays are absorbed or

reflected before they hit the glass of your window.

This prevents the sun from heating up your home

and turning it into a greenhouse.

Weather Resistant

With our energy efficient and highly durable

aluminium frames you can be certain you will

protect your home for a long time from any weather

you face. The zipscreen technology used in our sun

protection system can stand up to a class 3

Hurricane with winds of up to 145 km/hr.

Climate control  The durable textile used in the HELT sun protection system give you the freedom to choose from an opening factor of 5 - 95 %, thus allowing you to reduce the heat inside your home by up to 75 %.

For more information or a quote contact HELT at 905-397-5050

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