• Paul Giesbrecht

Veka for the WIN !

In a move to expand its product portfolio with digital, forward-thinking products,  

Veka formed stand-alone company Digital Product Solutions Corp.

DPS Corp. will work closely with Veka’s customer base to bring digital solutions to the window and door industry, with potential for entry into the outdoor living market space. Currently in testing, WIN™, short for window intelligence, introduces near field communications to window and door products. This patent-pending system creates a digital double of the product through cloud computing and hand-held mobile devices. A web-based program called a web cockpit, interacts with the fabricator’s software to build a complete copy of a window or door and tracks it throughout its life cycle. The product information is then accessed through mobile applications designed for home owners, facility managers and contractors. ​

This technology will allow customers to easily report issues, allow to schedule service calls, offer options for testing data and much more.

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