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Minimalism - reduced living

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Clear lines and white cubes - the new trend in living is simpler. Architecture shows itself clearer and geometric. Windows and entrance doors become an integral part of the design. 

Compared to the colonial or traditional style, there is less attention to colours, details and decorations in minimalism. Both the interior and exterior follow a more clear line and are reduced to the basic. With a sensory overload through social media, smartphones and advertisements in our daily lives, we long for peace and clarity when coming home. But even in minimalism it is important not to forget to infuse it with your own style. 

Large glass surfaces and and smooth facades 

Simple and clean architecture is the main feature. Large window systems are used deliberately to extend the living space outward. Here innovative and high-quality windows give you the option to use oversized window fronts and lift and slide patio systems without impacting the energy efficiency of your home. Expansive living spaces are considered a luxury these days, however with the targeted use of glass you can at least create an expended illusion.

The entrance door becomes a design element 

Clear form, simple colours like black, white or grey and the use of high-quality materials are also a popular option with entrance doors. However some other important factors to consider when finding the right door are security, energy efficiency and sound insulation. As with interior doors the trend is more towards smooth, full doors with a bigger sidelight. A frameless side especially, integrates nicely into the facade of the house while underlining the clearness of the architecture. 

Finding your own style 

​At first sight these guidelines may seem strict, it is still important to find and express your own individuality. Although simple colours like beige, grey, white or black may be the front runners when it comes to simpler design, there is nothing that speaks against adding individual colour accents. The same goes for adding furniture. You want to keep clarity and openness throughout the space but does not mean you have to forgo the use of decorative pieces.

  The only rule to remember is: Less is more. ​

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