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Create bright and open rooms with Glass Doors

An all-glass door gives a room a very special ambience, because glass ensures an open and bright effect. At the same time, every room looks more spacious. The different models allow a glass door to be optimally tailored to individual needs and the desired effect. However, there are some details to consider when choosing the right door - read here what is important.

The safety of glass doors

​​There is no increased risk of injury for room doors that are made entirely of glass. All models are made of safety glass. The manufacturers change the tension in the glass plate by means of a special thermal treatment. The material therefore withstands higher loads from impacts, blows or bending and breaks into small, blunt glass pieces when destroyed. Glass doors can be used safely in households with small children or with pets.

Glass Door Hardware

Glass doors can be custom made just like any other door for your home. However it is important to remember that glass doors have a considerable weight to them. As a rule of thumb, you can count on 20 kilograms per square meter of door area. The glass door hinge must be able to carry a correspondingly high weight, this also applies to the door frame. For doors over approx. 90 cm wide, the door frames should be reinforced in the area of ​​the door hinges. Therefore, it make sense to buy the glass door with frame and matching hinges. It is important that you measure accurately. A glass door cannot be shortened afterwards, as the safety glass would shatter.

Glass doors - from clear glass to designs

Glass doors are available in many different designs. The doors separate different rooms without taking away the spaciousness or the light from the living rooms. They offer noise and privacy protection and help to reduce heating costs. Glass doors are extremely robust and easy to maintain. All glass doors are available in clear glass, frosted glass with or without a pattern, with screen printing and milled or ground.

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