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Functional Interior Doors

Not every door is made the same and not every door serves the same purpose. Most of us understand that there are some differences when it comes to Interior Doors. There are swing doors, pocket doors and barn doors. But did you know there are also specific functional doors? These are doors that serve one (or more) specific purpose. Let’s look at what these functional doors are.

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The temperature difference between some rooms can be substantial and requires a door that can handle it

The Climate Door

This door is specific for cold and hot rooms. This could be a wine cellar, spa or pool area or even a hot yoga room. Climate doors are designed to withstand temperature differences between rooms without warping, shrinking, or expanding. To give the door it’s stability, the door has a solid core on the inside which is supported by two thin aluminum plates on the outside of the Slab. The finish surface of the door is then attached on top of the plates. This way the cold/heat or moisture can’t penetrate the core of the door and cause it to warp. A drop seal at the bottom of the door that closes the space between the door and floor helps seal the room off completely.

Hot Yoga Door, Wine Cellar Door, Pool Door, Modern Interior Door, Warp-resistant Doors, Interior Doors, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Burlington,  Oakville, Toronto, Muskoka, Ottawa, Montreal
Two aluminum plates provide the support the door needs in order for it not to warp

Soundproof Doors

Your home is your sanctuary, and you want peace and quiet in your home. Sound proofing walls and ceilings in certain rooms are standard today but finding a soundproof door can be challenging. At HELT we offer a variety of different soundproof doors that have been thoroughly tested. Whether you are looking to seal off a washroom/bathroom, home theater or the music room your children use for band practice, we can help.

Sound-proof door, home theatre door, sound-proof pocket door, modern pocket door, music room door, washroom door, st. catharines, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Toronto, Muskoka, Ottawa, Montreal
Sound-proof doors are available as standard and pocket doors

At HELT we understand that your home and household have different needs and we are here to meet them. We want you to feel comfortable and safe in your home. Our doors follow strict guidelines in the construction of Interior Doors to meet high standards. With a diverse design selection and technical details, we have the right door for any room in your home.

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