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Why Tilt & Turn Windows are the most secure windows on the market

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Your home is a place of safety and security at any time of the day. This is something that homeowners should consider when shopping for new windows. A window can be broken into within seconds, giving thieves easy access to your home. A break-in happens every 15 seconds in North America and seldom is the glass broken.

​Research shows that burglars will give up on a break-in if they can’t enter the home within five minutes. Windows and doors from HELT are especially secure, attempts to pry our windows or doors open will be futile.

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Security Fittings

Our modern fittings and mushroom locking mechanism together with steel reinforcement inside the frame make it impossible to open a window from the outside or even drill into the steel. HELT Tilt & Turn windows also lock in eight ( 8 ) different spots throughout the frame compared to standard windows that typically have no more than two ( 2 ) locking points.

Window Handle

Most standard windows require you to lock a window after it has been closed, which homeowners often forget. With a Tilt & Turn Handle from HELT the window automatically closes and locks in one simple motion.  You’ll never have to worry about leaving a window unlocked, giving burglars easy access to your home. 

Keep your home safe and secure with a Tilt & Turn Window from HELT. Contact us to find the right window for you.

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