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CPL Doors - a great option for your Interior Door

A good door for indoor use combines functionality with an appearance that matches the interior. Stability and almost endless design options make the CPL Door the ideal candidate.

CPL stands for Continuous Pressure Laminate. CPL doors are made of laminate that is processed under high pressure and temperature. Several layers of paper are bonded together with hardening melamine resin. The penultimate layer defines the decor, the outermost layer is a protective layer made of resin.

What advantages does the CPL Door offer ?

The outer resin layer applied under high pressure gives the CPL door a very robust surface. It is scratch and shock resistant and insensitive to abrasion and common household chemicals. Hot water and heat don't do much to the surface. Fingerprints and other dirt can be easily removed. The surface of the CPL door is also not attacked by UV light. Therefore, these doors are extremely durable and particularly suitable for areas in which the doors are exposed to greater loads. Since the decorative layer can in principle be designed as desired, there are hardly any limits to the visual design of the doors. Doors with a wood look or single-colour lacquer are very popular.

The different design options of CPL Doors

In addition to full doors made of CPL with wood decor or smooth, colored surfaces, there are CPL doors with a glass cutout options or metalic attachments. Interesting optical effects can also be achieved with a transverse wood look. The doors can be designed as single or double-leaf doors as well as barn or pocket doors.

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