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6 reasons to upgrade your Entrance Door

ery homeowner wishes his entrance door would last as long as the home itself. But with daily use, the effect of natural elements and changes in design this hope dissipates over time – even more so with a door of lesser quality. Sooner or later reality will need to be faced. There are signs to know when that time has come, and we have put together a list for you to see if its here.

1. The entrance door has visible damages

One of the strongest biggest signs that a door needs replacement are visible damages to the door itself. Although small scratches are inevitable and nothing to worry about, should dents and cracks be something to pay close attention to. Not only do they harm the overall appearance of the door, but they can also be a way for natural elements such as water to find their way into the door and cause further damage to the structure and integrity of the door. Damaged doors are also an invitation to burglars as they seem weaker and easier to break through and gain entry into the home. Squeaking hardware can most of the time be addressed with some WD40, however if the issue persist it could mean the hardware has been worn down and the door needs to be replaced.

2. The door is difficult to open and close

The front door should always be easy to open and close. When it becomes difficult to do, an adjustment of the hardware can help put it back into form. But if the problem comes up again there might be more serious issues at play. Especially with wooden doors you might have an issue that the door has come out of the frame. With the constant extreme changes in temperature, the door expands and contracts so much that it no longer fits properly into the frame. The door is now harder to open and close or even becomes permeable to air.

3. There is a draft even with a closed door

A draft from a closed door is a clear sign that there is an issue with your door.

This issue arises from the space between the frame and the door which is not necessarily visible. A way to test this is with a lighter or candle. Hold the flame close to the space between the frame and door slab. If the light flickers there is air passing into your home. But it’s not only air that will come through this space. Light, water and insects will also find their way into your home. The first step to resolve this issue is to replace the seals around the door. However, this is only a temporary fix and will have to be repeated over time. A permanent solution is to invest into a high-quality door that is built with energy efficiency in mind.

4. Heating and cooling costs increase year over year

As a homeowner your main goal is to keep your expenses at a minimum. This includes your spending on cooling

and heating costs. As we’ve seen in the previous paragraph, the issue can often come from the entrance door. Besides the seals around the door that can wear down over time, the interior of the door can weaken or have a lesser energy efficiency that allows the penetration of heat or cold. A proper insulated and sealed new door might be an investment in the beginning but will pay itself of multiple times over the years.

5. Your home doesn’t feel safe

Your safety and the safety of your loved ones and all your procession is one of the responsibilities of your door. If you no longer can trust the security of your door, it is time to replace it. The security of a door weakens over the years not only due to the structure and integrity of the door, but also due to the development of the world. Burglars become smarter and find new ways to evade a home continuously. This requires the development of better systems, from cameras to finger scans and more. HELT Entrance doors for example come standard with multipoint locking systems and heavy-duty security hinges that make it that much harder to break through an entry door. We also pay attention to developments in the industry and seek to upgrade our systems continuously.

6. Your door design is out of style

The entrance door is a central part of the façade of your home that draws the eyes of everyone to it. An unattractive door will leave a bad impression.

Exchanging a door makes sense when considering all the points we previously shared. Another good time to exchange the door is during a renovation. A beautiful new door will also increase the aesthetic value of your home. Who wants to come home to an old door that has difficulty closing, when you can be smiling ever time you see your door as you pull up to your home? If you are considering rending or selling your home, you can leave a great impression on anyone considering your home with a high security entrance door.

I’m ready to exchange my Door, now what?

It’s important that you find the right door for your home that you will love and not have to exchange in a few years again. At HELT we can guide you through the process of finding the right door for you. We understand doors and what to look for when covering all the points mentioned above and have a great selection of designs for every taste. But beyond understanding doors, we also pay close attention to the proper installation of your new entrance door. The right installation can make or break even a new high-quality door. We are here to provide you with the complete solution all around your entrance door.

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